Jr Church procedures


Thank you for signing up to teach Junior Church! Please find the lessons and procedures for each week below. Click on the lessons in the table below to open and print the information. Each lesson shows options for different age groups.  

Start Time:

*Starts right when sermon begins.
*Please arrive no later than 10:15.
*Parents shouldn’t bring children down before then.


*Have parents sign in their children.
*All volunteers must follow the church’s Child Protection Procedures.  

*It is critical that there are 2 adults in the classroom at all times with the children. 
  This can include one adult teacher and 2 youth volunteers (14 years – 17 years old)
*Children must not be allowed to leave the classroom unless accompanied by an adult.


*You can download lessons from the links below.
*Alternatively, the lesson books are in the Junior Church Closet.
*The lessons include a Bible story, discussion, and a craft. Craft supplies are in the closet.
*There is also a selection of DVDs in the closet. Use the DVD player that is built into the TV.
*There are children’s books in the classroom that you can read and discuss.

Junior Church Lessons