OEP Preschool

Mission Statement

At Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Preschool, the fundamental building blocks of Christian faith, fun, learning and socialization are cultivated in a nurturing environment. Acknowledging each child as a unique individual, we enhance a positive self-image which enables children to master age appropriate skills.

Our emphasis on creative teaching, learning through play and one-on-one interaction provides a positive experience and develops the child’s confidence towards future education.

School Overview

We are a Christian Preschool that strives to share Jesus with the children while offering the highest quality early childhood education. The class hours are from 9 am to noon for all classes. The 2023-2024 school year runs from September 11th to May 24th, with a two week camp program offered during the first two weeks of June. We offer six different classes: Two day Two's class, a Two day Three's Class, two Three Day Three's Classes, a Three/Five Day Pre-K Class, and one Five Day Pre-K Class. Class sizes range from twelve for 2 years olds to eighteen children for Pre-K. Each class has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher.