sundays at 8:45am

Christian Education

We provide biblically-based Christian Education for children and adults from 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM every Sunday. Christian Education is a vital way for adults and children to grow as followers of Jesus Christ. We believe this task is best accomplished in community. We offer a safe space for you and your children… 

     + to explore Christianity

     + to develop maturity in Christ

     + to build relationships with others

     + to receive support from other families

adult Education

Adult Education consists of one or more classes held throughout the year and are generally offered in six week cycles. Courses deal with the basics of faith, Bible study, church history, theology and doctrine, life application, social issues and Christianity's response to other religions.   

Current Classes

KidZ Connect

The unfolding story of Christ is the underpinning of everything we teach. We use "The Gospel Project" curriculum for 0-12th grades. The Gospel Project takes kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. 

We have well-trained, passionate, teachers who introduce your children to the grand biblical drama, help them connect God’s story to their own stories, nurture their creativity through crafts, projects, and songs, and pray with them and for them. All teachers meet PA state child protection clearance requirements. 

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Childcare at OEPC

Vision Statement of OEPC...

Connecting to God, Connecting to Each Other, Connecting to Our Community

• Connecting people to God through gospel-focused classes and studies

•Connecting to one another in hospitality, nurture, and discipleship

•Connecting to our neighbors and world in outreach and mission


OEPC’s mission extends to even the youngest among us. We recognize that childcare offered in the church’s nursery is the child’s earliest experience of connecting to God and to each other in the Lord’s church. We offer a clean, safe, and happy space for the youngest of the Lord’s lambs. Our childcare volunteers 18 or over must have a child protection clearance as defined by the state of Pennsylvania. Two adult volunteers with clearance or one adult with clearance and two teenagers (14–17 years old) must be present at all times in our ministry programs when children are present, including in our nursery. All childcare volunteers are required to work through and be quizzed on the church’s Child Protection Policies and Procedure Manual, to educate those serving about child safety protocols.

But beyond observing the legal requirements of the state, each of our childcare volunteers have a sincere interest in the nurture and well-being of the children in our congregation. At each sacrament of infant baptism we renew that pledge by affirming the solemn obligations upon us when asked,

  1. Do you, the members of this congregation, acting for yourselves and on behalf of the whole Body of Christ, assume responsibility with these parents for the spiritual nurture of this child?
  2. Do you commit yourself to set a godly example before this child, and to provide, as far as you are able, all that is necessary that this child may one day confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?


Childcare at OEPC is recognized as the first stage of Christian discipleship in obedience to the stated wish of our Lord: “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven/God belongs to such as these.’”  Matt. 19:14/Mark 10:14/Luke 18:16