sundays at 8:45am

Christian Education

We provide biblically-based Christian Education for children and adults from 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM every Sunday. Christian Education is a vital way for adults and children to grow as followers of Jesus Christ. We believe this task is best accomplished in community. We offer a safe space for you and your children… 

     + to explore Christianity

     + to develop maturity in Christ

     + to build relationships with others

     + to receive support from other families

adult Education

Adult Education consists of one or more classes held throughout the year and are generally offered in six week cycles. Courses deal with the basics of faith, Bible study, church history, theology and doctrine, life application, social issues and Christianity's response to other religions.   

Click here for Current Adult Ed classes.

Middle School

The Middle School class is for students in grades 7th-9th. This class uses "The Gospel Project" curriculum.

Sunday school

In our Children's Sunday School, the unfolding story of Christ is the underpinning of everything we teach. We use "The Gospel Project" curriculum for K-6th grades. The Gospel Project takes kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. 

We have well-trained, passionate, teachers who introduce your children to the grand biblical drama, help them connect God’s story to their own stories, nurture their creativity through crafts, projects, and songs, and pray with them and for them. All teachers meet PA state child protection clearance requirements. We offer support for children with special needs.

class locations


(Mid-September - Mid-June)

  • K - 2nd Grades - Rm 102  (main floor in the Christian Ed Building)
  • 3rd - 6th Grades - Rm 201 (upstairs in the Christian Ed Building)
  • 7th - 9th Grades - Rm 202 (upstairs in the Christian Ed Building)
  • 10th Grade and up - Adult Ed in Fellowship Hall



(Mid-June - Mid-September)

  • Nursery & Pre-K - S2 (under the sanctuary) or Room 102
  • Kindergarten and grades 1 through 8 - Rm 102
  • Senior High & College age and up - Fellowship Hall and Library