OEPC Library

Church Library Practices during COVID-19


Welcome back to the church library! Please feel free to enter the library room to browse or check out books, DVDs, or CDs at this time.


In the library you will find a poster with suggested protocol for using the library during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to allow time for library materials to be disinfected, the library team requests users to please place any book, magazine, DVD, or CD taken off the shelves into a large basket labeled for that purpose.


If checking out a library item, please sign and date the book card as usual and place it in the cardboard tray.


Returned library materials may be placed in the plastic cabinet drawer labeled for returns.


Please maintain 6-feet of distance from other library users while standing or sitting in the library.  Please wear a face mask.


Thanks for helping make the library accessible to all!


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The library team would like to offer curbside pickup at the church. To look up an author, title, subject, or keyword, consult the online library catalog


(library is: oepc)

No password needed


After finding an item you are interested in, you may come to the library yourself, by signing in at the church office during office hours.

Or you may send an email message to library@orelandpres.org

A library team member will check out the item for you and arrange to hand it to you in a plastic bag through the car window, or leave the bag in the church office entrance way with your name on it.


Library materials are loaned for one month at a time and may be renewed.


Returns may be dropped off in the church office entrance way in a box labeled for returns. Or returns may be taken to the library and placed in the plastic cabinet drawer marked for returns.


Feel free to drop in to the library after the worship service, or during church office hours!