What are the distinctive aspects of the preschool?

We are a Christian preschool. We want to model the love that Jesus has for children. Parents often comment on our loving atmosphere. With many years of formal education ahead for preschoolers, we want preschool to be fun! Parents receive a handout at the Parent Orientation called Let’s Play which summarizes the many areas where learning takes place through play. Our mission statement is a good summary.

How do I find out what is going on in my child’s class?

+ Parent Orientation

+ All school monthly newsletter and all school emails

+ Class Newsletter and Calendar and emails

+ Posted notices outside the classrooms

+ Daily summary on a White board

+ Two yearly scheduled conferences with progress report at spring conference

+ Teachers’ Contact information is distributed

What does the curriculum include?

A general monthly themed curriculum is used. A Bible –based curriculum was developed that includes New and Old Testament stories and Bible verses. Teachers use skills charts as they do their monthly planning so they are working on developmentally appropriate tasks at each age level.

Please see the Program Information tab for more details.

Individualized instruction for children with special needs is instituted in cooperation with any services that are provided through IEPs.

How is discipline handled?

All of the teachers want to be modeling Jesus’ behavior which means that love and patience are paramount as they help the children with conflicts. Teachers communicate with parents to see what works at home and to build consistency between school and home.

Teachers use several school wide “tools” to help the children understand the expectations.

Tool # 1: Give Me Five: The teacher raises her hand and says “Give me 5”. The children learn that they are expected to stop what they are doing, stop talking and give the teacher eye contact. When everyone has stopped, the teacher says what she needs to say to the whole group.

Tool #2: Whole Body Listening Larry: Each classroom has a Whole Body Listening Larry rules poster in the classroom. This is a chart using Mr. Potato Head body parts to talk about Looking Eyes, Listening Ears, Zipped Mouth, and Quiet Hands. The teachers go over these rules at the beginning of the year and have reminder times to help the children clearly understand the expectations.

These and other strategies are used which are explained fully in the Parent Handbook.

How are allergies handled?

A safe snacks list is sent home about products that are peanut and tree nut free. Teachers screen and return home any snacks that are not peanut/tree nut free. Parents can send in a Tupperware type container with safe snacks for their child. Each classroom has a posted list of all the children in the school with any allergies. Epi pens are placed in the class’s “Go Bag”, which goes everywhere the child goes. Teachers are trained in the use of Epi Pens as well as CPR and First Aid.