Preschool Staff and Ministry team

The Ministry Team is approved by the Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Church's Nominating Committee each year and is directly accountable to the Session. The team consists of a mix of church representatives and dedicated parents. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to apply.

  • Preschool Director

    Janie Brey

    “After years of teaching Preschool and Kindergarten, it has been a great adventure being the Director at OEP Preschool. I have enjoyed getting to know the children and their families who have become part of the school community. Celebrating with these families as we watch the children grow and learn has been a privilege. Encouraging the great team of teachers is a pleasure. It is a blessing to work for a church that supports the school’s endeavors.”

OEP Preschool teachers

Our teachers LOVE their jobs! 

They work hard to provide an environment where the children feel secure, happy and nurtured, and where their social, physical, spiritual and emotional needs will be met. They seek to help children grow individually, and strive to encourage their uniqueness.

two day two's and three day three's teachers

  • Jennifer Kriska

    Lead Teacher, Jennifer Kriska is entering her fifth year at the preschool. Jennifer earned her BS in Elementary Education from Shippensburg University.

    “Children are a gift! I love their curiosity, and find their joy to be contagious. I appreciate each child’s unique personality and talents. It is my goal to help instill the love of learning in each child and to watch them grow each day.” 

  • Charlotta Hummel

    Assistant Teacher, Charlotta Hummel, is beginning her third year at the Preschool. Charlotta has a degree a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. 

    “Little children are a precious gift from God. I am blessed to be able to nurture their curiosity and imagination, guide their development, and model the love of Jesus as they blossom into unique individuals who are confident of their place in God’s Forever Family.”

Two DAy Three's Teachers

  • Erin McDonnell Bauman

    Lead Teacher, Erin McDonnell Bauman, Mrs. McB., is beginning her second year at the preschool. Mrs. McB. received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware in Plant and Soil Science with a minor in education. She also studied Fine Arts. 

    “Children have always been the best part of my life, both as a mother, a classroom aid and a special needs caregiver.  Children allow us to be in the moment and appreciate the little things that make life fun!”

  • marianne Mesure

    Assistant Teacher, Marianne Mesure, is beginning her first year at the preschool. Marianne has a BS and MS in Physical Therapy. She has always enjoyed working with children and being around them. 

    “I always get kick out of children and the funny things that they say. It is great to see them progress in their development.”

Three day three's teachers

  • Debbie Leonard

    Lead Teacher, Debbie Leonard, is beginning her sixth year at the preschool. Debbie received her Associates’ Degree in Social Sciences from Montgomery County Community College.

    “I’ve been involved with teaching children for the last 30 years. It is my great joy and privilege to teach these precious little ones. I love their enthusiasm for learning, their ability to love so easily, and I love watching them grow and mature over the course of a school year. Even though I am considered the teacher, I am continually amazed at how much the little ones actually teach me. I look forward to being part of the OEPC community and getting to know these precious ones and their families.”

  • Christine Gilinger

    Assistant Teacher, Christine Gilinger is beginning her sixteenth year at the preschool. Christine’s major at Nassau Community College was Early Childhood Education. 

    “It's really fun in the beginning of the year, getting to know all the different little personalities. Then as the year rolls on, it’s amazing to see how much they grow. I love to help them learn new skills and see how proud they are of themselves when they do!"

three/five day pre-k teachers

  • Sandy Bisulca

    Assistant Teacher, Sandy Bisulca is beginning her twelfth year at the preschool. Sandy earned her BA from Messiah College and an MSW from Temple.

    “Among the many things I enjoy about working with preschool children, what I cherish most is their curiosity and wonder as they engage the world around them. It also excites me to see the progression they make socially, academically and spiritually. It is truly amazing how much they grow over the course of a single school year!"

five day pre-k teachers


    Lead Teacher, Loreto Halton is beginning her twentythird year at the preschool. Loreto earned her degree in Business Administration from Arcadia College.

    “The best part about working at the preschool is seeing the delighted look on the children’s faces when they learn something new or master a new skill. It is a priceless moment that makes my heart sing and I am blessed to share it with them!!!”

  • Kathleen Ingerson

    Assistant Teacher, Kathleen Ingerson, earned her Bachelor’s degree from Holy Family College in English Literature with a minor in education. Kathleen has over 30 years’ experience teaching preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten, as well as school age children.

    "Working with children is just plain fun; their laughter, energy and excitement make each day a new adventure." 

Gym teacher

  • Kelly sisk

    Gym Teacher, Kelly Sisk is beginning her 5th year at the preschool. Kelly earned her BA in Psychology and Masters in Education from the University of Virginia. She was a college student athlete, runs a private coaching business for local softball athletes and loves all things fitness related. 

    “What a joy to be able to share my love of exercise with the children at OEPC! They're little bodies are capable of so many things and it is so much fun to introduce them to new and challenging ways to move. Gym class is always such fun!”



    Joyce Johnson is beginning her eleventh year at the preschool. Joyce earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Nyack College.

    “I’ve got the best job because the children love to sing and dance, and that’s what we do in music!”