Sundays from
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

October 22 – December 10

Responding to Objections to the Christian Faith

Gone are the days when most Americans had at least a nominal understanding of Christian beliefs. We now live in a post-Christian, pluralistic society that offers many objections to the Christian faith. This class will examine several objections such as the existence of God, truth and absolute standards, the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as the only mediator and Savior, human suffering, the problem of evil, and hypocrisy in the Church. Come and learn how to think biblically about such challenges to your faith and how to converse with those who object to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meets in Fellowship Hall. Led by retired pastor Paul Housworth who, along with his wife Joan, has blessed OEPC for many years. Paul has sung in the choir, rung handbells, served on the Men's Retreat Committee, and participated in VBS.