Sundays from
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM

May 21-July 2 in Fellowship Hall

The Person of Jesus: Dependence 

Do you remember beginning the Person of Jesus study in Summer 2021? In an interactive format with some rudimentary visuals, we took 12 weeks to take a long, slow, and sometimes surprising look at first Jesus's love and then his honesty. In Spring 2022, over the Easter season, we hopped ahead to the last unit of the study, on the Passion. Now the study is back, with Unit 3 of the study on Jesus's dependence, following the units on love and honesty. You are warmly invited to join us as we resume looking at the One whose beauty fills our souls.

Karin Deussing is once again glad to be teaching the Person of Jesus study. She has been a member at OEPC for 14 years and has worked at Westminster Theological Seminary even longer.

This class will also be livestreamed.
Keep an eye out for the livestream link.