OEP Preschool Prayer requests

On September 14 the OEP Preschool is scheduled to begin the start of their 56th year at OEPC. Please join us in praying for the preschool during these challenging times due to COVID-19.

Please pray for: 

1. Wisdom for the Preschool Director, Janie, and all of the teachers in continuing to communicate with parents about procedures such as bringing their children to specific entrances to be met by the teachers, practicing social distancing during preschool, hand-washing in the classroom, educating the children about wearing masks, providing snacks and carrying out the recreation time.

2. Our Lord would continue to direct Janie and the teachers to see how they can encourage one another to remain strong and persevere during these complicated times due to the Corona virus.

3. Continued good health of Janie and all the teachers as they prepare for the beginning of the Preschool year. 

4. Understanding for the Ministry Team members (Dave Misner, Joyce Tyson, Leslie Filippi, Krista Mitzak, Bernice Andrews, Bob Eppley) to know how to be faithful in supporting Janie, the teachers, the children and their parents.