Pastoral Search Updates

PSC Update - Sunday, October 4

1. The Church Information Form (CIF) and Job Description have been reviewed by the Vision Committee, the Session and the PSC and they have been approved and submitted to the EPC and our Presbytery and the neighboring ones for posting.
The Job Description is on our website.

2. PSC is now compiling a list of selection criteria and interview questions – please pray for us.

3. We met with our Committee on Ministry representative - TE Jose Rodriguez from Goodwill Church in upstate New York.

4. As part of the Pastor search process, we have a project to do that I would like to ask for the congregation’s help. That is to produce a video to help show who OEPC is. Please contact either Pastor Bob or any member of the PSC if you have material that would be helpful or would be willing to help with this project. We need it done yesterday so please help.

5. The members of the committee are John Wynne, Jessica Raggi, Karen Jobes, Ginette Ranieri, Rick Small, Craig Reif, John Craymer, Sean Ellis and John Hines